Best Moisturizing Cream for Your Skin Type

Korean women are popular worldwide for their clear, beautiful and radiant skin and face. Overall flawlessness in the complexion is a special feature of Korean women. And they take a lot of care of their skin and body. In fact, they are taught to take care of their skin right from childhood, as Koreans consider skin and beauty care to be extremely important part of their lives. They know exactly what it takes to maintain beautiful, flawless skin at all times. You will find Korean beauty regime quite stiff, but they are very useful and effective in bringing shiny, clear skin and helps you look beautiful. So if you are wondering what beauty secrets should make you look beautiful and flawless, think no further. Scroll down to discover some outstanding Korean beauty secrets.

Find among the eight best Korean beauty secrets:

Use natural face masks

Korean women have a strong belief that the earth offers us some of the best and most effective beauty secrets. So they choose to use face masks that are ready, through the use of natural ingredients, especially those that grow from the earth. Some of the most common natural ingredients of Korean face masks consists of green tea, snail mucin and fermented yeast. Korean ladies wear natural face masks on their face twice a week and later they do good facial massage as it helps increase blood circulation and help them maintain a healthy, radiant skin.

Double cleanses the skin

Double cleaning technique is common among Korean women as it helps them to remove their regular makeup along with dust and dirt that stretches over their face. Pre-cleaning and re-cleaning are two important steps of Korean double-cleaning. First, for pre-cleaning they use a liquid cleanser to remove their regular makeup and oil from their face. Then they apply some cleansing oil on their face to help them get rid of unwanted bacteria, sebum and other unpleasant impurities. Then they wash their fact with lukewarm water. Later for re-cleansing, they clean their washed skin and face by applying mild foaming cleansers in small circular patterns with their fingertips. This cleansing is an essential part of their beauty regime.

A peeling & tighten the skin

Koreans go for peeling, get rid of unpleasant impurities, clear the skin pores, and have a clean, smooth face and skin. With a peeling helps to eliminate dead skin cells from the skin. It follows later, tightening the skin, as the scaling and clean skin skin moisturizing cream absorbs well. Muscle building helps to reduce the size of the skin’s pores, nourish, update and complement the skin.

Carry essence

Essence, which is a very nutritious liquid, the application is an important part of the Korean beauty program. The essence is lighter than lotions and it promotes the renewal of healthy skin. Korean women spray the essence of their neck and face as it helps them to have clear, flawless complexion, have a firm skin and show off a shaped look. They use ampoule, which is rich in vitamins, as a substitute for the essence. Its one drop is enough for all skin problems.

Moisten the skin

The use of light moisturizing cream helps Koreans have a soft and smooth skin without leaving any residue on the face and greasy skin. You can find this application of moisturizer on their face with the help of their fingers in circular patterns.

Choose eye cream

Korean also take care of the skin around the eyes as it is very sensitive. They choose a natural remedy, take care of the skin to keep their eyes youthful. Koreans simply and their eyes, the skin around their eyes for 20 minutes regularly fresh pieces of cucumbers placing on the market can be found here.

Eating healthy & on time

A healthy temporary diet is an important part of the Korean beauty regime. They stay beautiful by eating healthy foods and balanced diet that fits their body type.


Korean women regularly do sports like exercise one of their beauty secrets. Regular exercise ensures good circulation of nutrients and blood through the body, which helps Koreans to stay healthy and beautiful.

Finally beautiful skin!

Are you looking for a moisturizing cream that suits you? We will show you which care suits your skin type and introduce you to the best creams.

Do you know that too? You are in a cosmetics store and are so unsettled by the wide range of pots and pans that you end up going home again without moisturizing cream?

Especially if you don’t know exactly which skin type you are, it can be quite complicated to find the right moisturizer for you. To make it easier for you, here are some of the most effective products plus a brief description of each skin type.

Because most of the time it doesn’t take more than a good moisturizer to maintain the natural, youthful shine of your skin.

What exactly distinguishes a moisturizer?

A moisturiser has been specially developed for the care of the face and helps to keep stressed skin in healthy balance. Because sensitive facial skin in particular is exposed to many stress situations:

Harmful environmental particles, such as exhaust fumes or free radicals. Heating air, UV rays and various weather conditions.

However, not every skin reacts equally to these external influences. One becomes dry, the other tends to redness or impurities. For a youthful and radiant appearance it is therefore so important to find the right moisturizing cream for your very own skin type.

Moisturizing cream for sensitive skin

How do you recognize sensitive skin?

Any kind of irritation causes immediate damage to your skin.

Stress, environmental stimuli and even a new moisturizer can cause immediate irritation such as pimples or skin rash.

If you have sensitive skin, you should definitely know the ingredients of your moisturizer. Hildegard Braukmann’s refreshing and light moisturizing cream consists of soothing shea butter. This makes it particularly gentle on the skin and helps to relax reddened skin.

Moisturizing cream for dry skin

Dry skin suffers from loss of elasticity, dandruff, red spots and a dull, rough complexion that produces visible fine lines and wrinkles. Often the dryness also creates a tense feeling on the skin.

Try a moisturizer that immediately soothes your skin and at the same time promotes moisture, just like Maria Galland’s activating moisturizer. With its stimulating ingredients, this activating day cream regenerates your skin immediately, replenishes the moisture stores and directly provides a pleasant skin feeling.

Moisturizing cream for oily skin

Oily skin is caused by an overproduction of sebum.

It is characterized by enlarged pores, blackheads, pimples and a dull complexion.

Try using a moisturizer that absorbs excess oil on your skin, combats stains and large pores, while providing optimal hydration. Like Dermalogica’s Oil Clearing Moisturizer.

Some people believe that applying a moisturizer makes oily skin even more oily. But that’s not true! A moisturizer helps the skin to regulate its sebum production. Your skin will actually appear less oily after application.

Moisturizing cream for normal skin

Normal skin neither suffers from sensitivity nor does it have any (or very few) impurities. It radiates with naturalness! But just from the middle of your 30s you can do something good for your skin by using daily moisturizing cream.

Try out moisturizers that enhance the shine and moisture of your skin, such as Dr. Eckstein’s Carotene Moisturizer. In this way you can preserve the natural youthfulness of your skin for many years to come.